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About Us

True Blue Tour

True Blue Tour was created on April 25, 2001 by ONUR TRAVEL CO. We are licensed in Turkey as an “A” category travel agency and tour operator (Licence No: 3686). Originally, True Blue Tour was created to serve the needs of its parent company, ONUR TRAVEL CO. As we began to operate, however, our friendly professional service and the personal attention that we show to our clients quickly earned us a stellar reputation among both our service providers and the tourist community resulting in our current role as a leading player in the Turkish tourism market.

Company Goals:

Our primary aim is to be a permanent and well known fixture in the Turkish travel industry. As always, we will pay the utmost attention to the quality of our service. As a boutique agency, customer satisfaction is our first and foremost concern and our goal is to cultivate an enduring and expanding patronage among travelers who are looking for something special. Turkish hospitality is our greatest asset! We will enjoy and appreciate to do business with all colleagues who share our ideas and ethics.

What is ‘TrueBlue’ Scope?

TrueBlue is a social network in Istanbul’s new face to the visitors with the interest to penetrate life and people. Daily life, economy, beliefs, traditions, customs, education, and many other aspects of intimacies with people on the street. This is what we believe/undestand/aim from travelling. People today travel to other cultures of the planet by leaving all the biases behind but also wish to welcome/embrace/comprehend the other/s. What they see on the screens is not enough, they must live it ‘live’ ! At TrueBlue, we are committed to share the wealth of nature, the human heritage and history with erudite traveler. If then we are appreciated by our guests, this is our goal and benefit so that our word can spread around. Thank you.

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