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Turkish bath experience

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Deep cleanse your body and mind during a 2-hour traditional Turkish bath experience at Istanbul’s Turkish Baths a gorgeous 15th-century bath house. As authentic as cultural experiences get, a Turkish bath experience remains much the same now as it was during the Ottoman era.

Go inside and be shown to a private cubicle to change into your bathing suit and, if you wish, a peştamal (traditional robe). Then, when you’re ready, walk into the hammam chamber: a hot steam room with marble platforms, benches and basins. Relax on a marble slab in a steamy bath chamber, have a vigorous and exfoliating scrub to strip away dead skin cells, and then relax in a cooler room.

After included head and neck massage and after cooling off, leave feeling renewed and revitalized, with your skin ready for a perfect tan. Feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, return to the changing rooms to dress and then leave the bath house.

Please note: If you’re planning on getting a tan during your stay in Turkey, it’s a good idea to have a Turkish bath at the start of your vacation, so your skin is perfectly cleansed and ready for the sun.

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